Native civil rights group calls for DOJ investigation of HPD

A Huntsville-based civil rights group sent a letter to the Justice Department Wednesday demanding an investigation by the Huntsville Police Department into “multiple incidents of excessive violence, unconstitutional policing and other civil rights violations.”

The Rosa Parks Committee cited the April 3, 2018 shooting of Jeff Parker by HPD Officer William Darby, who was recently convicted of murder. They also accuse HPD of handling protesters at gatherings in downtown Huntsville a year ago after the death of George Floyd. The group said police “sparked a local movement that raised concerns and questions about some of the Huntsville Police Department’s tactics and protocols”.

The committee also points out “other incidents” including the treatment of Kemontae Hobbs. An officer was taped on cell phone stomping on Hobbs’ leg during an arrest.

In the letter addressed to Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Civil Rights Department, the committee lists her concerns, including “the policing of citizens experiencing mental health problems, legitimate gatherings and protests, and racial minorities.”

Letter from the Rosa Parks Committee to Doj 06-03-2021 from Megan Reyna on Scribd

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