Nadler Says McGahn ‘Shed New Mild’ on Trump Obstruction of Justice however Gaetz Claims ‘We have Discovered Nothing New’

The embattled US postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who was installed by then-President Donald Trump, is being investigated by the FBI for possible illegal fundraising campaigns.

The Washington Post reported, citing sources, that the fundraiser for the campaign involves his former business.

“FBI agents have been interviewing current and former DeJoy and company employees for the past few weeks, asking questions about political donations and corporate activities,” reports The Post. “The prosecutors also issued a summons for information to DeJoy himself, said one of the people.”

DeJoy personally donated over $ 1 million to the Trump re-election campaign and the RNC, but DeJoy has been accused of tricking heavily armed employees into making donations and then getting them refunded, which is highly illegal.

In September, DeJoy issued a statement expressing “regret” after the Washington Post released a bombshell report that revealed that as CEO of New Breed Logistics he had reimbursed employees for donations to Republican candidates.

In his very specific testimony, DeJoy’s personal spokesman Monty Hagler did not fully deny that DeJoy was involved in the illegal practice.

“Mr. DeJoy has never been notified of any pressure they may have felt to contribute by the New Breed employees referred to by the Washington Post, and he regrets if an employee feels uncomfortable for any reason has, “said Hagler in the statement.

DeJoy “encouraged employees and family members to be active in their communities, schools, churches, civic groups, sporting events, and the politics that govern” [sic] our nation. “

It also states that DeJoy “consistently offered family members and employees various opportunities to volunteer in activities that a family member or employee might find important or enjoyable to that person.”

This is a breaking news and a developing story.

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