‘Mute’ Pence Confirmed ‘Cowardice’ by Staying Silent All through Impeachment: Former Ted Cruz Spokeswoman

A former aide to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has raked former Vice President Mike Pence for staying silent during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

One-time Cruz spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter wrote in The Bulwark that it was noteworthy that Pence remained “silent” during the trial, despite Trump’s supporters targeting him for execution during the January 6th riot in the United States Capitol.

“A temporary gallows was erected on the west side of the complex. Members of the mob shouted “Hang Mike Pence!” When they stormed the convention halls looking for the vice president and any other officials they could get their hands on, ”writes Carpenter. “And to this day, the former Vice President has nothing to say about his experiences.”

Carpenter then speculated on the reasons for Pence’s great disappearance.

“Pence’s silence could easily be attributed to any cause: submissiveness, cowardice, fear, or sheer political calculation,” she wrote. “Or maybe it’s something worse. Ask yourself: Why would Mike Pence bother raising his voice to defend his own life when nobody in his group cares? “

She then revealed how many Republicans in the House of Representatives had voted against the charges against Trump despite putting their own lives in danger when he sent a mob to attack their workplace.

“Attacking their lives is not enough for them to break with Trump,” she argued. “Say what you want about Mike Pence: he knows his tribe.”

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