Murkowski Unleashes on Trump – First GOP Senator to Name for Resignation, Says She Might Exit Get together

The US Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) blew up her party’s chairman, President Donald Trump, on Friday and became the first Republican female senator to demand his resignation. She also threatened to leave the GOP.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He’s done enough damage, ”Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News. “I think he should go.”

She also said, “If the Republican Party has become nothing but Trump’s party, I sincerely wonder if this is the party for me.”

President Trump, she added, said he would not show up. He will not appear at the initiation. He hasn’t focused on what’s going on with COVID. Either he played golf or he was in the Oval Office and infuriated every single person who was loyal and loyal to him and threw them under the bus, starting with the vice president. He doesn’t want to stay there. He just wants to stay there for the title. He just wants to stay there for his ego. He has to get out. He has to do good, but I don’t think he is capable of doing good. “

The Alaska Senator also blames Trump for the uprising.

“Even after the Vice President told President Trump that he could not turn the election results upside down, Trump urged his supporters to fight.” How are you supposed to take that? It is an order from the President. And that’s how they did it. They came and they fought and people got hurt, hurt and died. “

Read the entire interview here.

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