MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Likens Mitch McConnell to Segregationists Like Strom Thurmond by Utilizing His Personal Phrases

“They all say the same thing. Thurmond, James Eastland and now, Mitch McConnell, 64 years later. “

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday night compared Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell to “professed” segregationists simply by using his own words.

Hayes showed clips of McConnell talking about the suffrage legislation and clips of literal segregationists of white supremacy, such as Senator Strom Thurmond (photo right) and Senator James Eastland (photo left) – all saying the same thing, all giving the same reasons as to why they do not support legislation to protect the right to vote, all falsely claiming that it is “unnecessary”.

“It has been against the law to discriminate on the basis of race since 1870,” Hayes reminded viewers, “when the 15th was denied or cut down by the United States or any other state on the basis of race, color, or previous servitude. ‘ In the U.S. Constitution, it’s in black and white. Says that you cannot discriminate against racism when voting. “

“And so you can think of a 1920 version of Mitch McConnell in Kentucky who literally said the exact same statement, ‘Oh, why do we need a law to enforce the right to vote, it’s already illegal,’ or say, declared segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond in the midst of filibusting the 1957 Civil Rights Act, saying, “There are three main reasons why I think the bill should not be passed. The first is that it is unnecessary. Every state has passed legislation that makes it unlawful to intimidate a voter or to prevent him from exercising his right to vote, penalties are provided for such violations.

“We don’t need new laws to protect the right to vote, especially not to protect against discrimination or racial discrimination, which are already included in the constitution,” said Hayes, mocking Thurmond.

“Those were the arguments that segregationists made, Jim Crow authoritarian, decade after decade after decade in this country. When they beat multiracial democracy to death under the table when they made those speeches. “We don’t discriminate, the law says we can’t. Everyone can vote. ‘”

“That’s how Senator James Eastland, a notorious segregationist from Mississippi, the ‘voice of the white south’ put it to Mike Wallace,” Hayes told viewers.

“Well, we don’t have electoral qualifications based on race,” Eastland told Wallace. “We, not at all, and anyone who qualifies can choose.”

Hayes mocked him, saying, “Senator from Mississippi. 1957. “We obviously don’t have elective qualifications based on race, why should we? It’s in the Constitution, we can’t. ‘ The Constitution, ratified in 1870. When Mississippi was under federal occupation. They all say the same thing. Thurman, James Eastland and now, Mitch McConnell, 64 years later. “


Image: The new civil rights movement

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