Michigan Dem Attacked With Obscene, Racist Name for Her Lynching – Republican Criticizes Lawmaker for Lack of ‘Compassion’

Michigan Democratic Representative Cynthia Johnson is under attack by Trump supporters after the president’s lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani, presented testimony and “witnesses” falsely alleging election fraud and the 2020 presidential election of Democrats and Joe Biden were stolen. No court has substantiated these false claims and Trump has lost nearly 50 cases.

Rep. Johnson (photo) posted on Facebook one of the racist, obscene and threatening voicemails she received after the hearing last Wednesday and apparently shared it with her colleagues at Michigan House.

This voicemail (link below) referred in part to Johnson in hideous language, including the designation “c”, “n” and “b”, and even used the word “Democrat” as a bow.

The person who left voicemail also requested that they be lynched.

The caller accused Johnson of “bullying[ing] Witnesses on the Stand “after asking one of the witnesses to spell her name for the record, a common practice. The names of the witnesses are published and are public information, but many falsely accuse Johnson of “doxxing” them.

“You’re done,” the racist caller said to Johnson too. “You are so damn exhausted. You should be swinging off a rope that you are a democrat. You damn democrat who steals the election, you deserve everything you damn get. “

“You’re in such big trouble that dems go under, especially if they have big lips [expletive] like you. “

Republican Rep. Mary Whiteford had a problem with Rep. Johnson clearing voicemail and said she should have shown more “compassion,” said Ali Kasben, editor-in-chief of Gongwer News Service.

Johnson was the victim and he was the target of a racist and obscene attack that some have characterized as a threat. But instead of showing compassion and denouncing the caller’s racism and hatred, Whiteford chastised Johnson, saying, “I pray that you will have compassion for those you disagree with.”

Rep. Cynthia Johnson posted a voicemail in which a person called her the N word and said she should be lynched with lawmakers in the house. She said a Republican representative responded that way. It is noteworthy that the names of those speaking before the House committees are publicly known. pic.twitter.com/8bpWgHCQ8d

– Ali Kasben (askasbenal), December 7, 2020

Here’s Johnson’s Facebook post. To listen, you have to click through several times. (Warning: the language is disgusting, as are many comments in the Facebook post.)

Image by Rep. Johnson via Facebook

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