Meteorologist Is Newest Native Newscaster to Announce On-Air She Is Teaming Up With Proper Wing Venture Veritas

A Detroit weather host this weekend is the latest local reporter to announce on-air that she is partnering with the far-right deception activists Veritas project attack their employer.

On Sunday, April, Moss snuck an announcement about the “discrimination” on her local CBS partner station in the middle of her weather forecast.

“All good things have to come to an end,” Moss told viewers when she announced that “showers will move in around 8 a.m.”

“Speaking of a brand new week, I’ll be sitting with Project Veritas this week to discuss the discrimination CBS is putting on its employees.”

April Moss, a CBS62 meteorologist from Detroit, says she will expose “discrimination” at her station with Project Veritas.

This after FOX26 reporter Ivory Hecker did a similar stunt last week and told her not to follow stories about HCQ.

– Alex Salvi (@alexsalvinews) June 21, 2021

Project Veritas is the group that has been repeatedly discredited for deceptively edited videos created to attack the left.

And when we talk about a brand new week, it seems like Moss is planning to leave the train station – or get fired. She has been working for CBS for 9 years, but on Saturday she created a new Instagram account without her “CBS” affiliation in her name.

Moss’ LinkedIn page lists Maria Bartiromo and Tim Tebow among their interests. The biography on her Instagram page reads: “Galatians 2:20”.

Last week, Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker announced live on television that “Fox Corp.

She said just hours after she was released.

What was this information that was so important for you to risk your job?

Pushing hydroxychloroquine, which has been discredited as a cure for COVID-19.

Not a word yet about the “discrimination” Moss is exposed to.

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