Melania Hosted Photoshoot as Professional-Trump Extremists Swarmed the Capitol Constructing: CNN

According to a report from CNN, First Lady Melania Trump was busy hosting a photoshoot at the White House while fanatical supporters of Donald Trump stormed the halls of Congress to halt former Vice President Joe Biden’s certification of the presidential victory for a book that she wants to publish after she leaves Washington, DC

Speaking at a “Stop the Steal” rally on Wednesday, Trump encouraged the crowd to march to the US Capitol, where lawmakers will officially count the votes of the electoral college.

That march ended with supporters of the president overpowering the Capitol Police and breaking into the building, causing Democratic and Republican lawmakers – as well as staff – to flee the extremists who ravaged the site.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that the president’s wife was involved in the photo shoot in the east wing, during which she exhibited various items that were to be photographed and filmed.

The report said, “Professional lighting, such as those used in photography and videography, could be seen through the White House windows.”

A source told CNN, “Photos were taken of carpets and other items in the Executive Residence and the east wing.” CNN added, “Trump – who, as CNN reported, has expressed an interest in selling a coffee table book on decorative items write objects she amassed and restored at the White House – oversaw the photography project, the source said, and her remaining time at the White House was dwindling. “

The report specifically added, “Domestic terrorists swarmed the US Capitol just blocks away in a riot her husband instigated at the rally earlier that day. While images of the mob breaking into the Capitol building consumed the air waves, the first lady – with White House chief Timothy Harleth – focused on completing the filming. “

According to The Cut, “Trump allegedly toyed with writing a photo-centric coffee table book about the history of White House hospitality, according to a publishing industry source, or one that may focus on the design projects she completed as first lady with preliminary talks familiar. “

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