McEnany Slammed for Attacking Psaki, Dems on Lack of ‘Bipartisanship’ After No Republican Voted for COVID Reduction

Former White House press secretary and Trump campaign advisor Kayleigh McEnany Wasted no time when President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion bailout package passed Wednesday, attacking Democrats for “promising bipartisanship” only to get successor Jen Psaki to call the bill “one of the most momentous and progressive Legislation in American History “. ”

The bill could have been non-partisan. The Republicans have always had opportunities to contribute, and they have offered hundreds of amendments in what is known as a “Vote-a-Rama”.

No Senate Republican or House Republican voted for a version of the COVID Relief Act more formally known as the American Rescue Act.

As the progressive group Indivisible notes, all Republicans have voted against these benefits the bill provides:

❌ Increases unemployment insurance
❌ Distribution, testing and tracking of vaccines
❌ HALVING child poverty reduction
❌ $ 1,400 survival checks
❌ Funding schools and municipalities
❌ Rent and mortgage assistance

– Indivisible Guide (@IndivisibleTeam) March 8, 2021

“Instead,” the group adds, “Republicans have drafted hundreds of amendments to weaken the bill and even demonize immigrants and attack transgender youth.”

McEnany’s attack did not go down well.

I would say 75% approval of the American people is non-partisan. Trump didn’t break 50% on any damn thing. We also fired him and you byproxy so #STFU. 🤷🏼‍♀️🖕🏼

– JamieNT (@ jamient1776) March 10, 2021

Biden mistakenly thought that Republicans would come together at a time of crisis and that the wellbeing of Americans would be paramount.

He was wrong.

So he did for the Americans what the GOP refused to do.

– Michael J. Stern (@ MichaelJStern1), March 10, 2021

In their world, non-partisan means doing whatever the gop asks you to do. Https://

– Michael777 (@__Powerr__) March 10, 2021

And boy are we HAPPY about that !!!!

Thank you for announcing that it is
“The Most Advanced Bill in American History”!

We’re bloody tired of going backwards. «Https://

– wearealltroydavis (@weRtroydavis) March 10, 2021

You cannot be bipartisan with people who only want to be bipartisan when they are in control and benefit from it. The GOP are spoiled brats! Take your marbles, go home and read Dr. Sweet and play with Mr. Potato Head

– Ann Savickas (@ann_savickas) March 10, 2021

It could be bipartisan if Republicans stopped being angry that their party lost the election and is actually working with the president.

– GayMouthOfTheSouth (@gaymouthofsouth) March 10, 2021

Bipartisanism kind of requires good faith, you know?

– Ashton Spencer (@AshtonBSpencer) March 10, 2021

Imagine that “progress” is partial.

– Santa Maria (@briansantamaria) March 10, 2021

It was non-partisan. 70% of the public wanted it passed, including numerous GQP governors. The only people against it are the GQP Congress members. By next week they will be in their districts lying to their constituents, claiming they are responsible for making this happen.

– Sharon “Reckless” Treehugger “(@SharonShaman) March 10, 2021

The law is supported by 59% of Republican voters. Sounds non-partisan to me.

– Rob (@KavaRob) March 10, 2021

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