McCarthy Tries to Assault Dems for Passing Survival Checks Late at Night time – It Does Not Finish Properly

Kevin McCarthy, minority chairman of the House of Representatives, went on Fox News Friday to complain about a nightly vote to pass the next round of coronavirus stimulus.

McCarthy posted a clip of his appearance with a message attacking Democrats.

“The Democrats have a vote scheduled for 2 a.m. tonight,” he complained. “They are so embarrassed about all of the non-COVID waste on their bill that they jam it through in the middle of the night.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain responded to McCarthy’s complaints on Twitter.

“Democrats work late into the night bringing you $ 1,400 bailout checks. Republicans are lining up to vote no, ”he wrote.

Polls show that Klain’s arguments resonate with voters – even Republicans.

“While Republicans in Congress rejected the overall price for Biden’s proposed package, new Morning Consult / Politico polls show that the public – including Republican voters – overwhelmingly support the legislation,” Morning Consult wrote on Wednesday. “In the poll of 2,013 registered voters from February 19-22, with an error rate of 2 percentage points, 76 percent said they supported the stimulus package, including 52 percent who said they“ strongly ”agreed to the bill support. Only 17 percent of voters are against it. “

“While the Republicans offered the least amount of support, more than half of GOP voters still support the stimulus package with 60 percent. Thirty percent said they either reject the package somewhat or firmly, ”the polling station stated.

Democrats working late night bringing you $ 1,400 rescue checks; Republicans line up to vote no.

– Ronald Klain (@WHCOS) February 27, 2021

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