Matt Schlapp Lashes Out at Critics of CPAC’s Nazi Image Stage Design

The head of the Conservative Political Action Committee on Saturday attacked critics who stated that the CPAC stage looks like a symbol of the Nazis.

Matt Schlapp denied this after “Nazi” was trending nationwide on Twitter when users discussed the stage, which looked like an Odal rune symbol.

And by “similar” I mean “is identical to”.

– Ilyse Hogue (@ilyseh) February 27, 2021

It would be easy for Matt Schlapp to bring this up today, apologize, and make some small changes to the stage.

I would make it clear that it was a mistake and that CPAC doesn’t want anyone to believe they are offering more help and comfort to American extremists than they already are.

– Simon Rosenberg (@SimonWDC) February 27, 2021

Schlapp did not apologize, however. Instead, he said: “Set conspiracies are outrageous and defamatory.”

Conspiracies in the set design are outrageous and defamatory. We have a longstanding commitment to the Jewish community. Aborting cultural extremists must deal with anti-Semitism within their own ranks. CPAC proudly stands by our Jewish allies, including those speaking from this phase.

– Matt Schlapp (@mschlapp) February 27, 2021

Matt Schlapp hits critics of the CPAC Nazi Symbol Stage Design and first appeared in The New Civil Rights Movement.

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