Matt Gaetz Begged Donald Trump for a ‘Blanket Pardon’ Earlier than He Left Workplace: NYTimes

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was one of those who apologized to President Donald Trump before stepping down, the New York Times reported.

While Gaetz spoke to Fox News and said that Trump should forgive anyone and everyone, it has now been revealed why he was so upset about it.

A pardon requires outlining the crimes they were guilty of. However, according to the Times, Gaetz wanted a preventative pardon for himself and “unidentified allies of Congress for any crimes they may have committed, according to two people who covered the discussions”.

By the time Gaetz apologized and asked for his own apology, the Justice Department had begun questioning Gaetz’s staff whether he had a sexual relationship with an underage girl who was also violating sex trafficking laws.

“It was unclear whether Mr. Gaetz or the White House knew about the investigation at the time or for whom else he apologized. Mr. Gaetz did not inform White House staff that he was being investigated for possible sex trafficking violations when he made the inquiry. But the best lawyers and officials in the White House viewed the request for a preventive pardon as a non-runner that would set a bad precedent, ”the Times quoted the familiar as saying.

Aides told Trump about the request, but it is not known whether Gaetz personally contacted Trump.

Matt Gaetz asked Donald Trump for a “blanket pardon” before he resigned: NYTimes first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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