Maryland U.S. Lawyer’s Workplace Creates Civil Rights Unit to Prosecute Hate Crimes and Violations of Federal Regulation and to Handle Discrimination in Housing, Training, and Different Sectors | USAO-MD

Baltimore, Maryland – Acting United States attorney Jonathan F. Lenzner announced today that the Maryland District Attorney’s Office has established a civil rights division to focus the office’s focus on the enforcement and protection of civil and civil rights Strengthen constitutional rights for all Maryland residents, including the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Announcing the new Civil Rights Unit, acting United States attorney Lenzner stated, “The US attorney has always enforced federal laws that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, color, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation , Marital status and citizenship. It is important to us to have the ability to combat all forms of discrimination that may exist in a sector or a community. It is important that our civil rights focus and skills are known in all Maryland communities. The establishment of the Civil Rights Division to vigorously enforce federal civil rights laws will help promote a community where individuals live free from unlawful obstacles and offer equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their protective status. “

In particular, the Civil Rights Unit will investigate and prosecute violations of criminal law violations, including hate crimes and disenfranchisements, committed under the color of the law and initiate civil proceedings to identify patterns or practices of discrimination in housing, education, health care and employment tackle among other things. The unit will also coordinate with the US Attorney’s Department of National Security on domestic terrorism allegations and investigations to ensure that civil rights laws, including those related to hate crimes and racially motivated crimes, are properly considered and enforced.

To achieve its goals, the Civil Rights Unit will be staffed by assistant US lawyers from the Civil and Criminal Divisions, who work together to ensure that a full arsenal of laws and legal remedies are used to combat all forms of discrimination. The Civil Rights Unit will develop working relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies across Maryland focused on civil rights enforcement and strengthening public relations for public, private, and nonprofit agencies. The office will continue to work with and coordinate with the Department of Civil Rights of the US Department of Justice and assist the Maryland counties and communities in identifying and applying for grants and other funding and training opportunities administered by the Department of Justice.

By prioritizing the U.S. Attorney General and strengthening partnerships, civil rights violations in Maryland are investigated and prosecuted by prosecutors if necessary. To report suspected violations of civil or criminal civil rights law, you can contact the FBI at 410-265-8080 or [email protected].

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