Marjorie Taylor Greene Lies Pending LGBTQ Equality Invoice Has ‘Utterly Canceled Ladies’ and ‘Destroyed Ladies’s Rights’

Donald Trump Jr. exploded on Tuesday morning in a rant over “culture breakup” on Fox News, railing against a variety of right-wing identified entities that he falsely claimed were “canceled” because they were racist or otherwise unacceptable. Among them Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss and The Muppets. He also railed against the thousands of people who identified the stage his father was speaking on at a Conservative conference this weekend as a Nazi symbol.

Trump Jr., not a social scientist, expert on critical racial theory, structural racism, systemic racism, civil rights, equality or early childhood development, was invited to Fox & Friends to discuss these topics.

“There is this abandonment culture that is trying to call Dr. Seuss off now,” falsely claimed co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “How far will they take us?”

None of these brands will be “canceled”. If a trademark owner decides to make changes to their offerings, it’s not a “culture break”, especially if they don’t even respond to external print campaigns, none of which are here.

“There’s nowhere they wouldn’t go, Ainsley, there’s nowhere they wouldn’t go,” Trump Jr. replied, apparently referring to liberals. He is the author of “Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats’ Defense Against the Unsustainable” and “Triggered: How the Left lives on hatred and tries to silence us”.

“They canceled Mr. Potato Head this week alone,” he claimed, which is a lie. Hasbro says it is adding a gender neutral character to its line that is simply called “Potato Head”. Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head are not going anywhere.

“You know they canceled the Muppets on their own this week,” he continued, another lie. Disney is now broadcasting all but two episodes of the entire Muppet Show collection on Disney + and has good reason not to record those two episodes.

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“You know they are Dr. Reject Seuss from reading programs. I mean these are books. I literally know ‘The Cat in the Hat’ by heart without the book there because I’ve read it to my children so often. These things are not racist, ”he said.

“The cat in the hat” is not “canceled”.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the organization that owns the rights to all of Dr. Seuss owns, and exists in part to protect Seuss’s reputation, has decided to stop publishing six books (out of about 60) that they believe “portray people in a hurtful and incorrect way. “

Regardless, public school officials in Loudon County, Virginia, one of the richest areas in the country and very conservative until a few years ago, were forced to respond to a report on the far-right website The Daily Wire that said, “Dr. Seuss canceled due to ‘racist undertones’. “

“Dr. Seuss books have not been banned and are available to students in our libraries and classrooms. However, Dr. Seuss and his books are no longer the focus of Read Across America Day in Loudoun County’s public schools,” a statement said of public schools in Loudoun County.

Trump card. Jr. wasn’t done yet.

“They have an Oreo cookie that deals with trans rights,” Trump Jr. continued in his complaint. Oreo posted this tweet before the House of Representatives voted to pass the LGBTQ equality law.

Trans people exist.

– OREO cookie (@Oreo), February 25, 2021

“I mean what’s wrong?” Trump Jr. scolded. “It’s absolutely crazy. We have lost our minds. And we encourage you by allowing it. You saw the mob that woke up going to CPAC because that stage apparently had Nazi symbolism, because these people are so obsessed with connecting to it. “

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, hosted its annual conference on a stage that many said looked like a Nazi symbol.

See Donald Trump, Jr .:

AINSLEY EARHARDT: There’s this abandon culture that’s trying to get Dr. Seuss to cancel now. How far are they going to take that?

DON JR: You canceled Mr. Potato Head this week alone. This week alone they canceled the Muppets … they have an Oreo cookie that adjusts to trans rights.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 2, 2021

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