Main Muslim civil rights group condemns NC Congressman for Islamophobic tweet

Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC)

North Carolina Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC) criticizes the 9/11 terrorist attacks in a weekend tweet against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

The incident came over the weekend when Rep. Omar posted condolences on social media following the death of a Capitol police officer who was killed when a driver rammed a vehicle into a barricade outside the Capitol on Friday.

Rep. Omar tweeted, “Heartbroken, it was learned that another CP was killed while protecting the Capitol. My thoughts and prayers go out to the officer’s family and all of the Capitol Police Department. The death toll would have been worse if the attacker had an AR-15 instead of a knife. “

Murphy, who represents North Carolina’s Third Congressional District, replied, “Would have been worse with Ilhan if they had also flown planes into the buildings.”

Rep. Murphy has since deleted his tweet, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

The American-Islamic Relations Council (CAIR) described Rep. Murphy’s reaction as bigoted and anti-Islamic.

Here is the full statement from CAIR Director of Government Affairs, Robert S. McCaw:

CAIR strongly condemns Representative Murphy for invoking the 9/11 terrorist attacks while insulting a member of Congress who is Muslim. It is disrespectful to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, to their families, and to the countless victims of hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities targeted after 9/11. His bigoted comments only serve to perpetuate the climate of hatred we experience across the country.

“You cannot agree with a colleague without resorting to racism, Islamophobia or some other form of bigotry. We hope that Representative Murphy’s Republican colleagues will condemn this Islamophobic attack and not just look the other way as they did when Muslim congressmen were attacked similarly in the past. “

CAIR is the country’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization with the aim of improving understanding of Islam and empowering American Muslims.

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