MAGAites Refuse to Settle for Biden Will Be Inaugurated President – ‘Present Us the Ballots’

Refusing to accept that Joe Biden won the November 2020 election, some supporters of President Donald Trump will be named president on January 20 after hearing months of lies from Trump, the Trump campaign and right-wing media.

A maskless Republican interviewed by CNN (video below) said he would never accept Joe Biden as his president but went on under pressure – much further.

“Do you accept that he will be initiated?” Asked Donie O’Sullivan on CNN.

“No, I don’t,” the man shouted, wearing a “Trump 2020 The Sequel” sweatshirt that read, “Make liberals cry again.”

“I mean, how could that change at this point?” O’Sullivan asked a little annoyed.

“There could be a civil war, you never know,” said the devout Trump supporter, who stood next to a woman with the “Stop the Steal” sign.

“You don’t really want a civil war, do you?” the reporter pressed.

“I don’t,” he claimed. “Show us the voting machines, show us the ballot papers. Show us that this was a fair election or we will never vote again, ”he threatened, pointing defiantly with his finger.

It is unclear what this Trump supporter thinks he will do or find if he were actually presented with the voting machines and the ballot papers. Despite what he has heard on Fox News, OAN or Newsmax, or read in right-wing media or on Facebook, the election was fair and all pro-Trump false claims have been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked.

At the beginning of the segment, one woman insisted that “Trump is the next president,” and another stated, “I am going to the inauguration for Trump. I booked it before the election, “while claiming she has confidence,” he will be elected. “

Joe Biden won the election by more than 7 million votes, with 306 electoral college votes approved by all 50 states. Biden has won more than 60 lawsuits that have been upheld by 90 judges across the country.


Q: “Will you accept Joe Biden as President?”

GA Trump supporter: “No, he will never be my president.”

Q: “But do you accept that it will be initiated?”

GA Trump supporter: “No, not me.”

Q: “How could that change at this point?”

GA Trump supporter: “Well, it could be a civil war.”

– The Hill (@thehill) January 5, 2021

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