MAGA College students’ Assaults on LGBTQ Unity Week Met With Civil Rights Grievance Filed With Dept. of Schooling

A group of South Dakota high school Democrats filed an official complaint with the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Education claiming that their annual Unity Week events are “coordinated” by pro-Trump MAGA-sponsoring students and the school under attack The government has refused to take action to stop bullying and targeted harassment.

The South Dakota High School Democrats, who represent students at Aberdeen Central High School, state that “certain students are coordinating efforts to target, harass and harass the students celebrating the week.” Her complaint also states that the students are “openly pronounced racist and homophobic” and there are pictures of them being shared on social media.

“They are actively trying to target and harass students while putting their ‘religious’ and hateful beliefs at the forefront of student life,” the letter said.

“The government is reportedly responding” nothing “to these measures,” said the allegation that the Aberdeen school district had allowed the “targeted harassment” to remain “unbridled”.

According to one student, the complaint said, “This coordinated harassment campaign takes place every year.”

BREAKING: After talking to numerous students at the school, we decided it was appropriate to file a complaint with the Civil Rights Department of the Ministry of Education.

– SDHSD (@SoDakHSDems) May 7, 2021

NCRM hasn’t checked any of the images below, but KELO News reported on Friday night, “Social media posts from Central High School in Aberdeen are getting a lot of attention. The contributions contain pictures of students who appear to be against a “single week” organized by the school. “

The social media posts include screenshots from Snapchat with news against the week. One of the screenshots encourages students to take a Bible with them to school and not speak to anyone attending the dressing days. It goes on to say: “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Eve and Bri and Adam and Traktor.”

Another screenshot shows students holding Trump flags with explicit text over the image directed against LGBTQ.

Here is a tweet that seems to represent some of the complaint’s allegations:

There is no place for hatred in our state. The Aberdeen School District must take appropriate action immediately.

– SDHSD (@SoDakHSDems) May 7, 2021

A video on TikTok describes what LGBTQ and minority students are experiencing this week. The young woman, who says she is a student at Aberdeen Central High School, said some of the students who attended unit week events were supposed to kill themselves. Some students were pushed down the stairs and the anti-LGBTQ students “blocked the entrance to the school” while shouting explosives.

“The school board didn’t do anything about it,” she says. “That is absolutely disgusting.”

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Aberdeen News adds that the school principal sent a letter to parents saying that appropriate disciplinary action had been taken but refused to say what it is who the students are. The letter seems to suggest that parents should counsel their children, but the situation is over.

It is clear from the students’ letter and social media posts that they don’t believe this.

Image from GPA Photo Archive via Flickr and a CC license

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