LETTER: Add Social Media Platform Protections To Civil Rights Regulation | Letters to the Editor

There is a simple and sensible solution to all the endless arguments and bickering over our public communication platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.) promoting bigoted, hateful and anti-American speeches by our sworn enemies in foreign countries as well as at home (Iranian Ayatollahs , Chinese Communist Party, Farrakhan, Antifa, BLM, et al.).

If they’re private member companies, well, get off the air. All we have to do is add a few words to an existing law, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – “All persons are entitled to full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, Benefits and accommodation of any public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin “- including such public accommodation and platforms, which obviously did not exist at the time, and include political beliefs and constitutional rights to freedom of expression to be protected.

After all these years, why can’t our elected officials compose a one-page document and make it federal law?

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