Leaked Messages Implicate White Nationalist Rep. Paul Gosar in Plot to Disrupt Biden Arizona Win Utilizing Proud Boys

A pro-Trump and pro-gun sect led by Hyung Jin “Sean” Moon has bought property in Texas for nearly one million US dollars to give their “patriots” a place for the impending war with the “Deep state” Tess Owen. reported by Vice to prepare Thursday. The sect’s name – “Iron Rod” – and their habit of wielding assault weapons as part of their worship services reflect their leaders’ interpretation of a passage from the biblical book of Revelation that says Jesus smashed his enemies with a staff is made of iron.

Moon is the son of the late Sun Myung Moon, founder of the politically active Unification Church who founded the right-wing Washington Times. Sean Moon’s brother owns a weapons factory.

The land purchase and government purpose commemorate the 1993 siege of a religious outskirts in Waco, Texas, which resulted in a fire that killed many people. Moon himself referred to the incident in an Instagram video published on Thursday. Moon wore a crown of bullets and a vest declaring himself the Black Robed Regiment while reiterating false claims by the right wing that David Chipman, Biden’s nominee for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, was for had posed a photo in the ruins of what he described as an example of federal tyranny.

“America is currently in existential crisis,” said Moon in the video. “We have forsaken God. We have become part of this rampant, shabby, degraded moral culture. We have deviated from God’s principles. … That will destroy a country, and God will allow it to be judged, just as He did with the Israelites. “

Right Wing Watch noted last fall, Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon spoke at a festival organized by Rod of Iron warning that “the left” would attempt to steal Pennsylvania and former President Donald Trump’s presidency with postal ballot papers. Vice reported that Christian nationalist Senator Doug Mastriano, who had positioned himself to run for governorship, was “recently billed as a special guest” at another Rod of Iron event.

The rhetoric and teaching of Church Leader Hyung Jim “Sean” Moon, who was in the US Capitol during the January 6 riot, “has become even more radical and militaristic lately, according to Vice.” Deputy reports:

“The internationalist Marxist globalists are trying to start a civil war here so that they can bring in the UN troops and the Chinese Chi-Com military and destroy and kill all gun owners, Christians and all oppositionists, ie Trump supporters,” said Moon soberly in a recent sermon. “We are in the death of America right now, so of course God allows us to expand.”

On January 3, his church sent a notice to members. “Some federal agents are acting as a criminal cartel and are about to steal these presidential elections,” the announcement said. “We have to prepare and train for the fight.”

“It is obviously better if we can use our right to freedom of expression and assembly to resolve complaints,” it said. “Otherwise we have to fight physically, and many die.”

Three days later, when Trump fans gathered in Washington, DC, Moon posted a video from outside the Capitol on Instagram amid the insurgent mob fleeing clouds of tear gas with his wife and brother.

Since then, Moon has warned his supporters that the Biden administration is planning to force Trump supporters into re-education camps. One of these supporters attacked police officers in Westchester, New York last month; Investigators found that he had a list of people to be “killed,” Vice reported.

As reported by Right Wing Watch in October, Moon has plans and even a written constitution for the future “United States of Cheon Il Guk”. The preamble of the constitution states: “Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of God (and / or heaven), a sovereign and actual nation does not yet exist in this world, but is the long-awaited culmination of the end of time, as it is in Scripture prophesies of the Bible. “The preamble ends with Moon claiming a royal and messianic role inherited from his father, Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon:

Now that I, Hyung Jin Moon, take my rightful place as King of the Second Kingdom of the Kingdom of God, Cheon Il Guk, as the Crowned Successor and Vicar of the Cosmic True Parents of Heaven and Earth, and as the full heir to the Kingdom of God, with all To the authority bestowed on me by my father, Sun Myung Moon – the True Father, Messiah, Lord at the Second Coming and King of Kings – hereby declare immutable and immutable: “The Constitution of Cheon Il Guk” which is NEVER enumerated may be shortened or supplemented.

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

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