Kayleigh McEnany: ‘God Had Deliberate for Me’ to Be Trump’s White Home Press Secretary

“God put me in this position for a reason.”

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says it was God’s plan for her to be President Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary.

In a glowing interview with Fox News, McEnany used the word “God” multiple times – including saying that God’s plan was for her to become Trump’s press secretary.

“God had a clear and specific plan for my life, and He brought me on this media and political journey for a reason,” the 32-year-old former Fox News employee told the conservative media company.

“I knew God put me in this position for a reason at this point,” added McEnany. “I remember both a former Democratic colleague at CNN and my father who told me that you were coming into your position for a time like this – words from the Book of Esther, a book that my hometown church ironically wrote a series about wrote my time here in the White House. “

“I am telling you this to emphasize that I approached this position with a sense of responsibility to do the job God had planned for me.”

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“You will have struggles, difficulties and seemingly insurmountable challenges,” said McEnany, speaking on the work-life balance, adding, “You know that you can overcome by faith and that if you give him, God has a way for you trust and follow him. “

She also beat up the press for challenging the administration instead of doing her job the way she imagines it: being a stenographer for the administration.

After the White House press pool got tired of the lies fed by McEnany’s predecessors in the Trump administration, they asked her on their first day on the podium if she would ever lie to them. She promised she wouldn’t. At the end of her first briefing, she broke that promise.

Despite – or perhaps because of – her belief that being Trump’s press secretary is God’s plan, McEnany has continued to lie to the press and the American people so often that countless articles have been written about her lies and half-truths.

She tells Fox News that she briefed the press, which has now almost disappeared as she also works for the Trump campaign. “I’m always an example of the difference between media sensationism and the kind of substance the American people deserve. ”

And she continued to blow up reporters whom she frequently attacks in her press conferences.

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“Some journalists, not all, are so driven by the contempt of the president that I think they are really getting involved in their duty of providing the American people with information given by the government.”

Contrary to McEnany’s assertion, the “duties” of the press are not to “convey to the American people information given them by the government.” The job of the press is to tell the truth. Especially when an administration lies every day, the press has a responsibility to tell what a lie is and what the truth is.

Kayleigh McEnany’s entry, “God had planned that I would be Trump’s press secretary in the White House,” first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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