Kayleigh McEnany and Her Fox Information Colleagues Trash ‘Badly Declining’ Biden Forward of First Press Convention

Former White House press secretary and campaign advisor to Trump Kayleigh McEnany joined her new employees Fox News attack and attempt to knock down President Joe Biden just hours before his Thursday afternoon press conference begins.

The overarching theme of their attacks is the lie Fox News and others far-right continue to advocate that Biden is mentally ill and unable to perform the duties of the Oval Office.

McEnany, who was adept at attacking reporters and has long lied to the press, told Fox News viewers to expect Biden not to answer questions.

“I think he’s ready to just completely ignore whatever is asked of him and turn around.”

Former WH Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany, who has lied to the press every day, predicts what will happen at Biden’s press conference today:

“I think he’s ready to just completely ignore whatever is asked of him and turn around.” pic.twitter.com/wNieCwnGO4

– The recount (@therecount) March 25, 2021

Fox News co-hosted Rachel Campos-Duffy, who has described the Democratic Party as “thoroughly communist”, went further to spread disinformation, suggesting that President Biden is “falling sharply”. She also suggested that Biden wear a mask so reporters couldn’t understand what he was saying and fed the conspiracy theory that Biden is mentally incompetent.

“I can hardly understand what he is saying with the mask,” claimed Campos-Duffy. “I don’t know if that’s on purpose or what we talked about earlier, that he didn’t meet with the Republican side. Sometimes I wonder.” Maybe it’s something he doesn’t want to work together or pretend to work with them. Maybe they just don’t want to show how much he disapproves. I mean I can’t understand him. And there seems to be so little access and they know we have these questions. What could be the reason? “

Republicans have attacked Biden at every turn, promising to thwart his agenda.

“Yeah, I think that’s a great question Rachel. It’s a scripted presidency, it’s a Soundbite presidency, ”said McEnany. “Can he do it? I think the question we are all asking ourselves today is going to be a great test for President Biden, his greatest, at least when it comes to public relations.”


Fox News Press Conference Expectations: Did the White House hide Joe Biden because “they don’t want to show how strongly he disapproves?” pic.twitter.com/uQ5Su9200C

– Matthew Gertz (@MattGertz) March 25, 2021


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