Journalists tear gassed throughout 2014 Ferguson protests settle civil rights go well with for $280Ok | Nationwide

A civil rights lawsuit against the St. Charles County regional SWAT team by three Al Jazeera America journalists who were poisoned in tear gas during the Ferguson protests in 2014 has been set at $ 280,000.

The international outlet was preparing a live broadcast of the protests surrounding Michael Brown’s shooting by St. Louis police in August 2014 when officials fired tear gas at them. The next day, St. Charles County said officials had saved the journalists. History later changed when an official admitted using tear gas in fears for his safety when bottles and stones were flown in from an area where Al Jazeera journalists were staying.

According to the law firm Lathrop GPM, video evidence contradicted these reports and showed no demonstrators in the area or anything thrown at the police.

Ash-har Quraishi, an Al Jazeera correspondent, said Wednesday that there have been many attacks on journalists by police in recent years.

“At a time when freedom of the press is under siege here at home and around the world, we must stand up for the rights of the First Amendment,” Quraishi said in a statement. “In our case, the official story of the police officers who attacked us without justification or warning did not match the reality. The truth counts and those in power must be held accountable. “

Bernie Rhodes, an attorney with Lathrop GPM’s Kansas City law firm who also represents The Star on legal matters, handled the case for the three journalists. He said Wednesday the settlement is greater compared to previous police misconduct cases, and he believes George Floyd’s death by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin played a role.

“The jury’s verdict that Chauvin was guilty of the murder of George Floyd marks a turning point in America: the jury will no longer rely on the law enforcement version, especially when there are videos that the police refute affirmatively,” said Rhodes in the press release.

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