John R. Lewis Excessive College Pupil Poem Honors Civil Rights Icon

New poet and graduate Charles Childers paid tribute to civil rights leader John R. Lewis, who paid tribute to Lewis at the high school’s dedication ceremony. Photo by Susan Laume / The Connection

Charles Childers, a senior, attended a creative writing class earlier this year and was inspired by initiatory poet Amanda Gorman to pay tribute to John R. Lewis. His dramatic reading of his book “And now we honor him” led to the special honors of his fellow students. Childers also wrote “When We Aspire,” which is included in the program of the ceremony. Childers will be attending James Madison University this fall to study Earth Sciences.

And now we honor him.

By Charles Childers

And now we honor him,

Because his arms were in chains

He marched in the rain

He suffered from the pain

In order to proclaim, we choose not to abstain

our dictations,

Yet to remove the pressures that are tainting our nation.

And now we Honor him

Because his victim

End nights of peaceful fighting

For equality he set his goal

Be bigger, reach new heights

A mediator of black, brown and white

And now we honor him.

Because he exceeded expectations

And in the house he led this nation

With assertions that our expectation

Should be acclimatization and cooperation,

Not a culmination of defamation

What comes from the times of segregation.

And now we honor him

Because even after passing it on,

With every day and every dawn

We keep fighting for the right thing

not correct,

And remember the nation we walk on.

Has been shaped by people who haven’t been there for a long time.

And then when it sinks to rubble

Hope reigns and prosperity doubles

So have hope and remember to jump in

good effort.

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