John Kelly Shredded and Accused of ‘Popularity Laundering’ for Praising Trump WH Staffers

John KellyPresident Donald Trump’s former chief of staff and minister of homeland security is criticized today for calling the “vast majority” of Trump’s White House staff – political figures who chose to work for this president – “decent people” has vowed to keep “the” train from running off the tracks. “

Kelly’s remarks are part of an article called “reputation laundering” in the Atlantic for several ex-Trump officials.

The Trump White House staff, Kelly laments, “have unfortunately paid quite a price … for reputation and future employment. They don’t deserve that. They deserve better for keeping the train from hurtling off the tracks. “

The Washington Post opinion leader Jennifer Rubin, a “Never Trumper”, disagrees with Kelly.

No they were not. They worked for a liar and a racist. Many have lied to themselves. They violated CDC guidelines and infected others. They are not good people.

– Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) December 18, 2020

“I see the reputation laundering has begun,” said Tom Nichols, senior advisor at Project Lincoln, international affairs specialist and professor at US Naval War College.

Former director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, responded to the Kelly quote and praised the White House staff even more succinctly:


– Walter Shaub (@waltshaub), December 18, 2020

As some have noted, Kelly was, as some have noted, instrumental in Trump’s child segregation policy, overseeing Trump’s Muslim ban, extended Trump’s deportations, and labeled some DACA recipients “too lazy to get off their asses.” to solve”. After leaving the White House, he joined “the board of directors of the conglomerate that operates the largest facility for migrant children in the country,” the AP reported. “Some members of Congress have described ‘prison-like’ conditions at the Homestead, Florida facility.”

Kelly was also blown up after it became known that immigrants did not “assimilate” or “integrate well”.

James McGowan, whose bio states he is a Senior Advisor to the United Nations, offered this salient point:

When you make an appointment offered by an asset of a foreign power, you are actually working for that foreign power. The rest is nonsense.

– James McGowan (@jamsmcgowan) December 18, 2020

Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor to President Barack Obama, weighed:

The problem with this is that the company was indecent and the train raced off the tracks.

– Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) December 18, 2020

Journalist David Roberts:

Counterpoint: They are morally weak Grifter who thought they could gain personal gain from a national crisis, and they deserve our contempt and contempt.

– David Roberts (@drvolts) December 18, 2020


John Kelly was key to establishing and justifying the child separation policy. After leaving the White House, he was invested financially in a company that benefited from politics.

He implied that the widow of a soldier killed in Niger is a liar.

He cannot judge decency.

– Pé (@ 4everNeverTrump) December 18, 2020

absolute bullshit and if you agree to that you are very stupid. nobody had to work for Trump. They all chose and made it possible for him, and among those who had lied and hurt thousands for him, John Kelly led the parade. fuck them all.

– Oliver Willis (@owillis) December 18, 2020

The adults in the room were at the same time a stabilizing force and, by definition, co-conspirators who were unsuitable for rehabilitation or polite company:

They engaged in all kinds of abuse, crime, corruption, incompetence and authoritarianism and advised against worse.

– Individual-1 (@codename_karla) December 18, 2020

The train raced off the tracks every day for four years with mass losses. They were indecent people. Let’s not normalize them, thank you.

– Lesley Abravanel🆘 (@lesleyabravanel) December 18, 2020

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