‘Jim Crow Joe’ Manchin Accused of Working to ‘Derail’ Biden’s Agenda – Some Now Accuse Him of Racism and Misogyny

His net worth is reportedly more than $ 7 million. He makes $ 174,000 from his daily job as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, but he also has financial ties to the family’s multi-million dollar coal company he previously ran.

US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is a multimillionaire who lives in one of the poorest states in America. He is well on the way to derailing President Joe Biden’s agenda on several fronts.

Manchin has long been known as a conservative democrat. His first tenure as a US Senator was to be the only Democrat who voted against the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. He claimed that even after serving as the governor of the state and serving in public government roles for decades, he was unsure how his constituents would vote for him.

The West Virginia Democrat is no longer “confused” about which way to vote.

Some have decided that tens of millions of Americans who work for a minimum wage are not making $ 15 an hour. He wants to limit the maximum increase to $ 11 per hour. He’s keeping $ 15 an hour, or about $ 31,000 a year for a full-time employee who is just too much.

Manchin cited no studies, just his stomach.

“I would change it to $ 11,” Senator Manchin said, according to CNN’s Manu Raju. “We can make $ 11 in two years and we are in a better position than we did with $ 15 in five years.”

It is unclear who would be in a “better position” or who “we” and “they” are.

The $ 15 minimum wage isn’t the only major Biden agenda item that Manchin wants to kill.

Last week he effectively killed any chance Biden’s decision to run the bureau of administration and housekeeping had to be confirmed. Some people announced late Friday afternoon that Neera Tanden’s tweets were just too mean and should therefore not be confirmed.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) followed on Monday morning and announced that she too found the mean tweets disturbing and would vote against confirmation. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) followed suit later on Monday.

Tanden, a woman of color whose parents are immigrants from India, is excellently qualified. She served as president of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress for nearly a decade, and also held important roles in the Obama and Clinton White Houses.

Monday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stated that Manchin “invented a whole new standard of affirmation” that he never applied to others.

And now Manchin has signaled that he brought it out for another Biden election that happens to be a different woman and a different colored woman.

Senator Manchin has announced that he is uncomfortable with President Biden’s nomination to run the Home Office. US Congresswoman Deb Haaland, Democrat of New Mexico, just isn’t doing it for Manchin.

As with Tanden (who is technically still in the running), Manchin has not indicated an issue with their qualifications.

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell reports that Manchin is “undecided” on Haaland.

If confirmed, Haaland will become the first Native American woman to head the Interior and the first Native American cabinet secretary.

“Manchin and Haaland met to discuss their nomination via Zoom, but Manchin still has questions,” says Caldwell, noting that Haaland appears before the Manchin Energy Committee on Tuesday.

Late on Monday evening, Politico published a report entitled “A Double Standard”: Democrats accuse GOP and Manchin of prejudice against Biden nominations.

Democrats are angry with Manchin and accuse misogyny and racism.

Jeff Sessions was so openly racist that even Reagan couldn’t appoint him.

Some people voted to confirm it. The sessions were then aimed at children with a migration background because of far-reaching human rights violations with family separation.

Yet the first local woman to be Cabinet Sec is where Manchin finds discomfort? https://t.co/wyki5iE36Y

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 22, 2021

Oh come on @Sen_JoeManchin voted for Kavanaugh, Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr. What if people don’t see this as a misogynist trolling it? https://t.co/NXbjf5IS7I

– Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) February 22, 2021

Some journalists really have to collar Manchin and ask him how he justifies defying Tanden when he voted for Sessions, Barr, Grennell, Pompeo, Kavanaugh. He presumably believes she is worse than her or that Biden has less right to choose his employees than Trump.

– Dan Froomkin / PressWatchers.org (@froomkin) February 22, 2021

It sounds like Senator Joe Manchin is trying to decide how many qualified women in color to sacrifice to balance the vote for the two-time charges against Trump. https://t.co/awEzZ9AJEz

– Ashton Pittman (@ashtonpittman) February 23, 2021

Do you know who is poisonous? The misogynist fanatic Joe Manchin. That’s ridiculous. https://t.co/OV27x2ApXg

– Tom Watson (@tomwatson) February 22, 2021

The people who voted Manchin don’t give a flying fuck that is confirmed. They just want a better life. Joe Manchin is a testosterone-fueled, misogynistic racist who takes great pleasure in grinding his jack boot into women.

– Salander (@ salander688), February 23, 2021

The people who voted Manchin don’t give a flying fuck that is confirmed. They just want a better life. Joe Manchin is a testosterone-fueled, misogynistic racist who takes great pleasure in grinding his jack boot into women.

– Salander (@ salander688), February 23, 2021

Joe Manchin is a poor version of a Democrat. Dislikes women appointed to positions, but it’s okay if there are racist, misogynist, sexist white men in the cabinet or in SCOTUS.

– Lenny, former nurse, chef and chef bottle washer (@ yankees1958) February 23, 2021

Ummm… @Sen_JoeManchin voted for Kavanaugh, but Neera Tanden is too divisive to have his vote.

We’re drowning in shit.

– Brett Pransky (@BrettPransky) February 22, 2021

Good news everyone. We will achieve uniform political harmony by holding women of color responsible for the divide in this nation. At least that’s what Joe Manchin seems to believe.

– Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) February 23, 2021

No! Joe Manchin is an opportunist, a racist, and a misogynist, so he has to be a Republican.

– Diane Thompson (@ 13vixen) February 20, 2021

Then why are you @Sen_JoeManchin trying to single-handedly derail everything President Biden is fighting for? You should support him in times of struggle without publicly questioning his direction. Makes us all, especially you, look like wankers.

– Bizarro Constitution (@ FedUp1120) February 23, 2021

So apparently @Sen_JoeManchin – you are only against women with color? Is that correct? You can appoint a misogynist, unqualified SCOTUS candidate – Kavanaugh – but not women of color. Got it. Dems will work together to make your voice irrelevant. #ManchinIsntADem https://t.co/268NYSRXhz

– Bambi bites back to hold the traitors accountable (@PatrioticDeer) February 23, 2021

I’m starting to think @Sen_JoeManchin is a little misogynist.

– AmyinCLE (@AmyinCLE) February 19, 2021

Sen. Manchin is going to be a thorn in the side of the Biden administration, isn’t it? So we’re seeing an old-fashioned, conservative, white derailment government again. At least Mitch said he was a Republican up front.

– Jacky Lang (@JackyLangBooks) February 23, 2021

Not only the racist @GOPSenate, but also @Sen_JoeManchin seem to hate women of color in leadership roles❗️
He attacked @VP Harris last month for hurting his tender ego

– Dolly Madison @ (@ dollymad1812) February 22, 2021

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