Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Thank People for ‘Continued Prayers’ as Son Josh’s Trial Date Is Set

The 33-year-old former reality TV star “19 Kids and Counting” Josh Duggar On Friday in Arkansas, he pleaded “not guilty” on charges of child pornography. His parents released a statement thanking Americans for their “continued prayers”.

“We appreciate your continued prayers for our family at this time,” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar told us in a weekly statement. “The allegations against Joshua today are very serious. It is our prayer that the truth, whatever it is, will come to light and that it will all be resolved in time. We love Josh and Anna and we continue to pray for their families. “

Josh Duggar, father of six with one more child on the way, has set a trial date for July 6th. He is currently detained and will not be released on bail until he can show that he has an apartment that will keep him away from children.

“I will also inform you that any proposed third party administrator must be in a dormitory that does not have minors at home,” the judge said on Friday.

If convicted, Duggar faces 20 years and $ 250,000 for each charge.

He is charged with “obtaining and possessing child pornography,” the US attorney for the western district of Arkansas said in a statement. “Duggar allegedly owned this material, some of which depicts sexual abuse of children under the age of 12 in May 2019.”

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