Jennifer McClellan receives endorsement from civil rights chief Clarence Dunnaville

Published Tuesday, March 30, 2021 11:24 a.m.

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Jennifer McClellanJennifer McClellan

State Senator Jennifer McClellan received the endorsement of civil rights leader Clarence Dunnaville’s bid to nominate the Democratic Party for governor today.

Born in Roanoke, Dunnaville roamed separate theaters and participated in numerous student demonstrations and sit-ins that opened lunch counters to black citizens.

Dunnaville was a volunteer lawyer on the Mississippi Civil Rights Bar Committee in 1967 and a student on the Thurgood Marshall Supreme Court.

“I wholeheartedly support Jennifer McClellan as governor,” said Dunnaville. “She is the best qualified of all candidates. She spent years in the General Assembly working on issues that are important to all Virginians. I support Jennifer because she is someone who has spent her entire career working for the Improvement of Virginia. I support them because of their leadership, their enthusiasm, and their vision for Virginia. “

“I am honored to be supported by Clarence Dunnaville – a man I have looked up to throughout my career advocating for justice and justice in the legislature,” said McClellan. “Like my parents, Clarence was born in Jim Crow South and has lived his entire life fighting injustice and inequality. I am proud of his support and will continue to fight for civil rights, equal justice and justice for all Virginians as governor. “

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