Jen Psaki Smacks Down CBN Reporter Who Requested What Biden Not Assembly With Home Minority Chief Says ‘About Unity?’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was again forced to deal with a right-wing reporter trying to spark American politics by digging up old GOP discussion points.

David Brody, a reporter for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, asked Psaki what President Joe Biden, who has not yet met with House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, said about “unity.”

“I think the question is,” said Brody, President Biden, “according to Kevin McCarthy, has not met with the minority leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy.” What does that say about the unit? “

Brody went on to say, “There are some other legislative issues related to HR1 and a study commission that, as you would say, grab the Supreme Court.”

The White House would not describe properly sizing the Supreme Court as “packing,” which is a GOP talking point, as is Biden’s comments on the desire for unity.

“And there are a lot of other lists too, budget voting, so there are a lot of people talking about tens of millions of people. They are concerned that this doesn’t seem to be a unit at all,” Brody complained.

Unimpressed, Psaki asked Brody, “Do you think millions of people are worried that he won’t see Kevin McCarthy?”

Brody pushed back, claiming “tens of millions of people are concerned about HR1, budget balancing and a 50-vote threshold,” he claimed.

“I don’t think the poll confirms that,” Psaki said correctly.

At least two-thirds of Americans (68%) support HR1, the For the People Act, a voting and electoral reform law. That number includes a solid majority of 57% of Republicans. And a majority of Americans support killing the filibuster to boost HR1 and a $ 15 minimum wage.

“I will say that the president believes that bringing the country together will bring the American people together,” continued Psaki. “So when I say it’s him, he’s focused on getting to know you, bringing people together, bringing Democrats or Republicans together. He’s not talking about breaking the bipartisanship in ‘this zip code here.


Psaki: Do you think millions of people are concerned that he won’t see Kevin McCarthy?

– Acyn (@Acyn) April 26, 2021

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