Jan. 6 Was Day After I Buried My Son – My Household Joined Me on the Capitol

Democratic senior impeachment executive Rep. Jaime Raskin (D-MD) shared a very personal story on Jan. 6 about his experience as he completed his first part of the Senate’s second impeachment trial of Donald Trump for inciting insurgency.

Raskin told Senate members that he and his family buried his son Tommy Raskin just the day before on January 5th. He told family members that he must return to the Capitol the next day and that it was his “constitutional duty” to be present when the votes were counted.

His family joined him that day, and his daughter asked him if it was safe. He said “of course” it would be, “that’s the Capitol.”

After the violent uprising when he was reunited with his family, Raskin says, “I told my daughter Tabitha, a“ brilliant algebra teacher, ”how sorry he was.

“I promised her it wouldn’t be the same the next time she comes back to the Capitol. And do you know what she said She said, ‘Dad, I don’t want to go back to the Capitol,’ he said, tearing himself open.

“Of all the horrible, brutal things I saw and heard that day and which have hit me hardest since then.”


In an emotional retelling, Rep. Jamie Raskin says members of his family hid under a desk during the siege of the Capitol. They thought they were going to die. “Https://t.co/Lau7kmD368 pic.twitter.com/oVkxJmttgm

– ABC News (@ABC) February 9, 2021

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