Iowa Metropolis Federation House Performed A Historic Function In The Battle For Civil Rights And Housing Equality In Our Group

February 12, 2021

As part of the city’s Black History Month program, this mini-documentary on the Iowa Federation Home tells the story of the historic home on Iowa Avenue. In a time of racial discrimination and segregation in Iowa City and the University of Iowa, learn how the Iowa Federation Home served as a haven for African American students. Check out the program to learn more about the people who have fought for civil rights and equal housing in our community.

This video is the first half of a two-part series that highlights historic landmarks in African American history. Watch the next video on Tate Arms, the first Iowa City residential home built by a black owner specifically for black renters. For more Black History Month programs, please visit our website.

This video series is a collaboration between the Iowa City Office of Equity and Human Rights, the Iowa City Historic Preservation Commission, Friends of Historic Preservation, and City Channel 4.

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