Invoice Would Give Employees Limitless Selection of Treating Supplier| Employees Compensation Information

Friday, April 2, 2021 | 173 | 0 | 31 min read

Injured Colorado workers, under a recently introduced bill, could elect any physician who is certified for treatment in the state’s compensation scheme.

Under applicable law, employers or carriers must provide injured workers with a list of at least four medical providers to choose from for treatment.

Senate 197 Bill, introduced on March 24 by Senator Robert Rodriguez, D-Denver, would allow an injured worker to designate a Level I or Level II accredited physician as the attending physician.

Employers could appoint a treating doctor if an employee is unable to make a selection or refuses to do so. However, the later appointment of another treating doctor by the injured employee would make the treating doctor named by the employer “unauthorized”.

“I think I just want to make sure workers have protection and good advice, and not just being forced to do something because someone wants to save on health care costs,” Rodriguez told the Denver Business Journal. “I don’t want to break the system. I just want to make sure it’s fair. “

The newspaper reports that representatives from employers and insurers said the bill could increase system costs and delay return to work.

SB 197 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Economics, Labor and Technology, where it is awaiting a hearing.

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