‘I Do not Must Wait One other Minute’ to Ban Assault Weapons – Congress Ought to Go Payments Instantly

The NRA attacks James Shaw Jr., the unarmed man who put his own life in danger by indicting a mass shooter at a Tennessee waffle house on Sunday morning. Travis Reinking, the suspect who allegedly shot four people and injured at least four others, is in custody and has been charged.

NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield in the video below says Shaw didn’t do his job as an American because he wasn’t armed. Stinchfield claims that if only Shaw had been a good guy with a gun, rather than just a “good guy with guts”, the shooter would have been stopped “permanently”.

In the world of the NRA, being a hero is not enough. You have to be a hero with a gun.

“What amazes me is that people tweeted me, these people on the left, kind of saying that this proves you don’t need a good guy with a gun because James – if anything, it proves me he is had more courage and he was braver without the gun, ”said Stinchfield, as reported by Media Matters.

“Of course, if someone were there with a gun, we wouldn’t have a wanted man now. It doesn’t change the fact that a weapon could have been useful in this situation. “

The police, whose job it is to catch murder suspects, did so.

“Everyone, whether it was Mr. Shaw, whether it was anyone else, if he had a gun, we wouldn’t be wanted now. OKAY? It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Yes, a good guy with courage stopped a bad guy with a gun for a moment, but he didn’t stop him permanently. And this guy is still at large. “

Well not anymore.


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