‘How Missing in Self-Consciousness Do You Should Be to Name Fox Viewers Lunatics?’

Republican alumnus US Congressman Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox News Friday night to attack former House Speaker John Boehner, who calls them “lunatics” in his new book.

Bachmann, a far-right religious extremist who retired from Congress in connection with ethical investigations, told Fox News viewers, “For people like us, we are considered insane. I mean, think about how unconfident it takes to call Fox viewers “lunatics” because that’s exactly what they do. “

Indeed, that is what they do. More precisely, that’s what her fellow Republican compatriot John Boehner did.

In his book, Axios writes: “Boehner calls the former Minnesota congressman who ran for president in 2012 a“ madman ”who embodied the right-wing media’s ability to turn people who were once marginalized into powerful media stars. ‘Boehner writes that Bachmann wanted to be put on the mighty ways and means of the house and that he rejected them. “

“Your answer to me was calm and matter-of-fact. “Well, then, all I have to do is talk to Sean Hannity and everyone at Fox,” she said, “and Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and everyone else on the radio, and tell them that John Boehner treats the people as the Republicans.” have made it possible to take the house back. ‘“

On Friday evening, Bachmann, who recently described the 2020 election as a “coup”, sounded like it would pave the way for a “populist” political campaign.

“The fact is, when you talk about the elites in Congress, these people are not us, they are not us, they loathe us,” Bachmann told Fox News’ Mark Steyn.

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“You are the maid of the rich and famous. That’s why you give the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey free cards out of jail,” said the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter.

“That’s what they are, they’re actually more like low-level tools that work for their post-Congress life, and for people like us, we’re considered the madmen. I mean, think about how unconfident it takes to call Fox viewers “lunatics” because that’s exactly what they do. “


Bachmann: We are considered the madmen. How little self-esteem do you need to call Fox viewers mad? pic.twitter.com/jzejCmiMew

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