Home Ethics Committee Broadcasts It Is Opening an Investigation Into Matt Gaetz in Assertion Detailing Broad Scope

US MP Matt Gaetz (R-FL), which is reportedly being investigated by the Justice Department, is now also being investigated by the House Ethics Committee.

The committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Matt Gaetz may have committed sexual misconduct and / or illegal drug use, shared inappropriate pictures or videos on the floor of the house, misused records to identify the state, converted and / or converted campaign funds for personal use has accepted a bribe, inappropriate gratuity or improper gift that violates house rules, laws or other standards of conduct, ”the committee said on Friday.

It adds that “the mere fact that it is investigating these allegations does not indicate that a violation has occurred.”

Ethics has started a Gaetz investigation. pic.twitter.com/aJGxHSiPid

– Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) April 9, 2021

The Post House Ethics Committee announces that it is opening an investigation into Matt Gaetz in a statement detailing the broad scope, first published in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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