‘He Was a Moron!’: Morning Joe Panelists Mock GOP’s John Kennedy for Letting Stacey Abrams ‘Mow Him Down’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski ridiculed Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) for being the youngest man to underestimate Stacey Abrams.

The Louisiana Republican urged Abrams to identify provisions in Georgia’s new restrictive voting law that she believes are racist, and he then sought unsuccessful efforts to derail the voting rights activist after quietly reciting a litany of measures that the would make it difficult for black voters to cast their votes on ballot papers.

“Why do people keep underestimating them?” Brzezinski was amazed.

Scarborough joked that Matlock would be disappointed with television from Kennedy, an Oxford-trained lawyer.

“You don’t ask the question if you don’t know the answer,” said Scarborough. “Especially when you’re trying to set someone up like this – and I’ll tell you something else, and maybe it was just the seersucker suits that made him so damn polite to his witnesses, but Sen. Kennedy, ex-John Kerry.” – Follower, he kept trying to throw her off, he kept trying to interrupt her. He’d say explain it – he’d cut them off – it’s just seriously, this guy, I think they don’t teach Matlock at Oxford because he made a mess of himself, right? “

Co-host Willie Geist said Kennedy and other GOP senators achieved far more than they expected in the hearing, and contributor Eugene Robinson said the Louisiana Senator was clearly outdone.

“You get on better with more than what our fake matlock had yesterday – that was a riot,” said Robinson. “I was thinking the same thing – that’s obviously something they don’t teach at the Oxford Debating Union about how to deal with smart people who are about to do it – I mean, she basically mowed him down. It was very entertaining to watch. “

Brzezinski praised Abram’s demeanor in the face of a man who repeatedly interrupted and condescended her, and said Kennedy looked stupid.

“It was a really good example for anyone figuring out how women develop their voices in this sea, how men do what they do,” said Brzezinski. “She was elegant, she was measured, she kept coming back and she mowed him down without lifting a finger.”

“Why in the world does anyone keep underestimating this woman? She added. “If you think about it, if you think the way she got the vote in Georgia, the way she got the vote saved our country if you had any concerns [Donald] Trump card. I mean, this woman is not allowed to mess with form or figure in any way, and he acted like he was dealing with a newbie. He was condescending, he was arrogant, he was an idiot. “

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