Hate Group Head Tony Perkins Prays for ‘Battle’ and ‘Gridlock’ to ‘Settle Upon’ DC if Biden Enacts His Agenda

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, appeared on the Truth & Liberty Coalition’s livestream Monday night calling on Christians to pray that God will stop the Senate Democrats from eliminating the filibuster and that President Joe’s government Biden is hindered by a standstill.

Perkins prayed that Biden’s government would be “confused” and prevented from finalizing its political agenda, which he recently called “literally out of hell”, to promote government efforts to protect transgender people and fund reproductive health Aim to have.

“We just have to keep praying,” said Perkins. “Pray that the Lord will forbid them [eliminating the filibuster]. Look, we need God. We need God to act on our behalf. As a nation, we must repent of things that are enforced. Just look at what the Biden government got through and we don’t even talk to the legislature yet, but the entire transgender agenda that we mentioned a few moments ago he passed on to the military, he got the reason – and transferred to secondary schools. He put it on our colleges. Take a look at the topic of abortion. not just repealing, overturning Mexico City’s policies that forbid [reproductive health] Funding in foreign policy, but also the Hyde amendment that was dropped in the coronavirus bill, the $ 2 trillion and all of the money that will go to planned parenting and abortion clinics. It is cruel and we have to pray that God will move in our country. “

“I pray for God’s blessings on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. [that] They surrender to him and pray that he would turn their hearts as he did the flows of water, ”Perkins added. “But if they reject the truth and break the truth, I pray that they will be confused, have conflict, and settle in Washington DC.”

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

Post-hate group leader Tony Perkins prays for “Conflict” and “Gridlock” to “fix DC” when Biden puts his agenda into effect. He first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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