Har-Ber ladies basketball Coach releases assertion after civil rights criticism

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The family of a Har-Ber High School basketball player filed a civil rights appeal against Springdale Public Schools.

Senior Kania Starks said her trainer Kimberly Jenkins discriminated against her and suspended her from the team.

Har-Ber basketball player files civil rights appeal against Springdale Schools

Jenkins released a statement in response to the events on Wednesday, January 27.

Jenkins said she was falsely charged with racism and other unsubstantiated allegations and hired a lawyer to protect her hard-earned reputation.

Read the full explanation below.

For the past week, my integrity, character, and family have been besieged by the court of public opinion. As the leader of young women, it is time to show them how to stand up for myself. A TEAM

My statement…

I’ve been privileged to have been training basketball for 24 years. As a coach, my goal is to create a culture of inclusivity, acceptance, leadership, accountability and opportunities for EVERYONE. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious preference, political beliefs, ability, disability, etc., I have always done this. I love my players, they are part of my family, “my girls” and my whole family treats them as such. As the daughter of a coach and a very accomplished player myself, my calling was the game of basketball, especially in the state of Arkansas. My goal is to help my players become better young women and athletes. Not only do develop a culture where your efforts, attitude, body language, communication, and good teammate are vital to success, not just in basketball but as a life skill too.

I was falsely accused of racism and other unsubstantiated allegations on a public forum recently by a disgruntled ex-gamer, her parents and her lawyer. In my opinion, I have been slandered. I have hired an attorney and I intend to take appropriate legal action to protect my hard-earned reputation.

Regarding the current situation, my only regret is that no solution and relationship could be found during a two and a half year process and the recent acts of good faith were not returned. It is unfortunate that she, her parents and her lawyer have chosen the route of throwing mud in the court of public opinion rather than in a court where witnesses testify under oath, which has significant ramifications if found false becomes.

I appreciate the support from family, friends, players, parents and my coaching colleagues. Anyone who knows my heart knows that this is not right. A TEAM

Kimberly Jenkins

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