‘Handcuffs Are Coming’: Prosecutor Reveals Why Rudy Giuliani’s in Massive Bother

A Florida prosecutor speculated that it was only a matter of time before Rudy Giuliani was arrested.

Former President Donald Trump’s attorney had his phone and laptop confiscated by federal investigators during the execution of a search warrant, and Palm Beach County Attorney Dave Aronberg told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Giuliani was in big trouble seems.

“I think that’s a big deal, and I think yesterday was a very bad day for Rudy because the federal prosecutor’s office can’t get a search warrant based on a suspicion,” said Aronberg. “You can’t get a warrant based on a fishing expedition. They need to convince a federal judge that there is a probable cause for a crime and that the items they are looking for would likely contain evidence of that crime. “

“Judges don’t get search warrants easily when it comes to lawyers and their homes and offices because, quite frankly, judges are lawyers themselves,” he added, “and they understand that there are issues with the privilege and confidentiality of lawyers and clients there. ” So it shows you how much evidence the prosecutor must have against Rudy. “

This investigation has been brewing for two years, despite Justice Department officials successfully preventing it from moving forward under the Trump administration.

“Remember, this investigation started in 2019, [but] The search warrant was only carried out yesterday, and it shows you that the superiors of the Justice Department under the former man did not want this warrant to see the light of day, ”said Aronberg. “So when it comes to Rudy, he has neither Trump nor Trump [former attorney general Bill] Barr to stop protecting him, and that’s the biggest problem for him. As for the arrival of the handcuffs, it’s hard to tell, but I think it’s likely that they will come. “

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