Grassley Scorched for Saying Transferring All-Star Sport Out of Atlanta Value ‘100 Million Jobs’

US Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) claims Major League BaseballThe decision to move the Atlanta All-Star game will cost the city “100 million jobs”. There are just over 150 million Americans currently employed, so the Iowa Republican Senator claims two-thirds of working Americans will lose their jobs because of the move, which is wrong.

Major League Baseball pulled the game out of Atlanta in response to Republican Governor Brian Kemp signing one of “the most restrictive and dangerous anti-voter bills in the country.”

But the game is moving to Colorado so no jobs are lost.

Senator Grassley is wrong. He might have heard an April 5 report from Fox News claiming the Atlanta withdrawal cost the city $ 100 million, but the real experts disagree. One said the amount was “a lot closer to zero than the $ 100 million throw in Atlanta. “

The Guardian reports, “Georgia’s $ 100 million figure is certainly a hefty cable news chyron. Sports economists agree that these estimates are routinely exaggerated.”

“The rule of thumb I always tell everyone,” economics professor Victor Matheson told The Guardian, “is to just take the number the boosters tell you to move the decimal one place to the left, and you probably have one pretty much good guess. ” . ”

Chuck Grassley claims that Georgia MLB’s relocation of the All-Star game cost the state “100 million jobs.”

– Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) April 20, 2021

Grassley is burned.

Aside from Gaffe, the state couldn’t get the All-Star game back by – only spitting here – repealing the law that MLB had complained about via

– Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) April 20, 2021

The concession staff when someone asked for a soda at the Atlanta MLB All-Star Game

– Ryan (@ryanhide) April 20, 2021

The year is 2050. Everyone in the US works for either Major League Baseball, the National Football League or the SBNation.

– Eshaan Vakil orn (ornhornetvtol), April 20, 2021

That’s 9.5 times the total Georgia population

– * You are (@ RKJ65) April 20, 2021

What cost “100 million jobs” did not move the game, but introduced stupid and racist voting restrictions.

– Fritznkappler (@ Fritznkappler1) April 20, 2021

It’s true.

To date, Toronto’s biggest employer is the 1991 All-Star Game. Https://

– Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) April 20, 2021

If this were true, one person buying a ticket to Major League Baseball ASG would create 2,439 jobs.

You call me crazy but I don’t think that’s how the economy works?

– JD Smith⭐⭐ (@DegenerateTBone) April 20, 2021

A third of the US will be employed in the MLB All-Star Game. I guess my letter of offer just got lost in the mail.

– Pat_Garofalo (@Pat_Garofalo) April 20, 2021

Big if true (not true)

– Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) April 20, 2021

I have to assume that Chuck Grassley hasn’t seen a baseball game in a while.

100 million jobs ????? How big does he think the all-star game is? There are maybe 100 kids who catch balls in the outfield during the HR derby.

– Gibby (@ bgilbertson10) April 20, 2021

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