GOP Reps Refusing to Be a part of Sedition Caucus Admit Electoral Faculty Is ‘Solely Path’ for Republicans to Win White Home

A small group of far-right GOP congressmen received initial praise after announcing they would not join Republicans running in the presidential election – until they released a statement on why.

In essence, the seven lawmakers warn their Republican counterparts not to challenge or disrupt the electoral college, because that’s the only way America is likely to see another Republican president.

“Republican presidential candidates have only won the national referendum once in 32 years,” they freely admit. “You were therefore dependent on the electoral college for almost all presidential victories of the last generation.”

“If we uphold the idea that Congress could ignore certified votes – based solely on its own assessment that one or more states mistreated the presidential election – we will be de-legitimizing the very system that led Donald Trump to victory in 2016, and that could make this the only way to win in 2024. “

In other words, they expect Republicans will continue to lose the national referendum in the presidential election and future GOP candidates will have to play the electoral college to win the White House.

David Noll, law professor at Rutgers Law, called it an “incredible statement”.

The seven lawmakers are Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY), Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), Ken Buck (R-CO), Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Nancy Mace (R-SC) and Tom McClintock (R – CA) and Chip Roy (R-TX).

Congressman Roy (photo) is possibly best known as the congressman who blocked an overdue 5-month disaster relief law in 2019, saying it was “okay” for migrant children to die on the border. That same year he also collapsed, appeared to be crying, and screamed during a House hearing in support of the exorbitant and growing prices that drug companies are charging Americans.

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