GOP Lawmaker Defending ‘High quality’ Vote Remark Snaps After CNN Host Blocks Bullying Ways

On Friday morning, CNN host Brianna Keilar confronted an Arizona GOP lawmaker trying to defend a new electoral law in his state that is likely to remove voters from the lists. The clash resulted in the Republican accusing her of treating him like “Stalin” and saying she was ridiculous when she actually checked him out.

During the lengthy interview, part of which can be seen below, the CNN host put Arizona State representative John Kavanaugh (R) in place over previous comments he made in early March when he did burst out: “Not everyone wants to vote, and if someone is not interested in voting, which probably means that they are completely uninformed about the issues. Quantity is important, but we also need to consider the quality of the voices. “

This sparked an irritable exchange when the CNN host and the Republican legislature discussed each other, accusing Kavanaugh Keilar of using “spin”.

Things became particularly controversial when they argued about what would happen to ballot papers from military families registered in Arizona but possibly postponed due to missions. At that moment Kavanaugh contradicted Keilar’s choice of words.

“You’re really twisting the facts to make it clear here that all you’re doing is trying -” protested Kavanaugh, whereupon the CNN host tuned in. “I’m talking about getting struck off the early voting lists. I’m talking about people being struck off this early voting list.”

“Can we use neutral names? They are removed after several checks to make sure that they are indeed not there. They are not cleaned, ”he replied.

“This is yours – that’s how you describe it, sir, and we appreciate your coming,” replied the CNN host.

“I’m not crazy, I’m doing the truth,” he complained.

“I’m not crazy either,” replied Keilar.

“Purge? What am I, Stalin? “he replied.” Come on, don’t be ridiculous. It really is – that’s why we can’t have reasonable discussions across the political divide because everyone wants to throw gasoline on a critical intellectual discussion. “

“Sir, you are not being honest and what you say is not even true …” said Keilar.

“When am I being dishonest?” Kavanaugh interrupted.

“You speak of quality voices about quantity. I think that’s loud and clear, “answered Keilar.

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