GOP Chief Kevin McCarthy Says “Everybody” Is to Blame for Capitol Riots

While you’ve likely seen the photos of pro-Trump rioters smiling and acting silly as they raided the US Capitol, MSNBC host Chris Hayes said the reality was “much darker, more violent, sinister, and more organized”, when we realized.

In his recap of the troubling facts from the attempted coup, here are some aspects of the insurrection that you may not have known about:

– A police officer was murdered by being beaten to death with a fire extinguisher in the convention halls.

– A woman was shot in the neck when she tried to smash a window that led into the speaker’s lobby in front of the house chamber.

– A woman was trampled to death by her colleagues.

– Trump’s supporters literally smeared feces on the walls and floors of the building.

– Reuters editor Jim Bourg said he had heard at least three different rioters say they wanted to find and execute Vice President Mike Pence for betraying Trump.

I heard at least three different Capitol rioters say they were hoping to find Vice President Mike Pence and execute him by hanging him on a Capitol Hill tree as a traitor. It was a common line that was repeated. Many more just talked about how the VP should be performed.

– Jim Bourg (@jimbourg) January 8, 2021

– A rioter set up a gallows with a noose outside the capital. A group sang “Hang Mike Pence” outside the Capitol.

– Rioters attacked an Associated Press photographer who had to be brought to safety from the mob.

– Rioters knocked a New York Times reporter on the ground and tried to break their cameras when they realized who their employer was. She screamed and no one helped.

– A man in full tactical gear and with cable ties “Flex Cuffs”, with which people’s hands were held behind their backs, infiltrated the Senate Chamber. That is, he was equipped to take hostages and physically confiscate officers. The man, Larry Rendall Brock Jr., has since claimed he found the zip ties on the floor and wanted to give them to the police.

– You have stolen documents and electronic devices that are a serious breach of national security.

Insurgents tore off a Capitol Police officer’s gas mask and began crushing him in a door when a mob sang “hove ho” to tear down the door he was trapped in when he began to roar in pain.

This is what the pro-Trump mob did to American law enforcement officers after the president instigated a deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol

(Warning, graphic video)

– Josh Campbell (@joshscampbell) January 9, 2021

At the Stop the Steal rally that day, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told the crowd that the election should be “process through struggle”. Trump himself told the crowd: “You will never retake our country through weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. “

Recall that for months before the uprising, the Trump campaign sent out emails asking recipients to join the “Trump Army,” let alone the nearly 200 times after Election Day that Trump, his family, campaign attorneys and official allies tweeted about the failure to – existing election fraud, while Trump’s other deputies repeatedly spoke of “constitutional crisis” and “civil war”

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