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White House adviser to President Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday for the second time outraged her offensive remarks. After drawing a target on the back of the Twitter executive responsible for preventing disinformation and joking, she’s now under fire for comparing queuing to voting to queuing for cupcakes.

On Wednesday, Conway’s remarks put her in second place on Twitter’s top trending articles, just below the SpaceX launch.

“People are very proud to be voting,” Conway told reporters. “They really are. I mean, they wait in line at Georgetown Cupcake for an hour to get a cupcake,” she said a little condescendingly.

“I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consistent and critical and constitutionally significant as voting.”

Kellyanne: If you can stand in line for a cupcake, you can stand in line to vote for

– Peter Wade ???? (@brooklynmutt) May 27, 2020

Not all of America is waiting in line to buy cupcakes in Washington, DC. And those who stand in line to vote the most, generally live in poor areas and in minority areas.

Americans can and often have to wait in line for hours to vote. You shouldn’t have to. In the midst of a pandemic, Americans want the opportunity to worsen the deadly virus that the president she works for does not infect or spread.

One American, US Congressman Mark Pocan, Democrat of Wisconsin, had the perfect answer to Conway’s condescension.

To be clear, Georgetown cupcakes in DC are currently deliveries only.

So if that is your arbitrary standard, Kellyanne, I think it is time for our country to have a national vote via email.

– Rep Mark Pocan (@repmarkpocan) May 27, 2020

His remarks were repeated by others:

Not only was it a reprehensible comparison by @KellyannePolls, it was a lie too.

– Janet Johnson (@JJohnsonLaw) May 27, 2020

And others had a few words to say about Conway’s comments:

It is so obvious that they want to create two voting systems, one for them and their voters and one for the rest of us. Much like the legal system they created for themselves. Rest assured, Kellyanne and everyone at WH will be voting via email. Because it’s convenient.

– Jennifer Hayden (@Scout_Finch) May 27, 2020

If you can send personal checks, you can send ballot papers.

Does she live in a fantasy world where criminals don’t steal checks, but really want to vote?

– JRehling (@JRehling), May 27, 2020

No Kellyanne – it doesn’t work that way, cupcake. Voting takes place by post or in person. Overcome it #snowflake

– Martina Navratilova (@Martina) May 27, 2020

You know what @KellyannePolls? You can order cupcakes by post.

– Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) May 27, 2020

. @ KellyannePolls assumes that those in line for a cupcake are reluctant to vote in person. Many people with compromised immune systems do not buy cupcakes and want to vote.

Does @realDonaldTrump believe in universal suffrage or not?

– Indivisible NE Iowa (@IndivisibleNEIA) May 27, 2020

. @ KellyannePolls is a paid, propaganda, debunked BS who compares the voice in the mail to cupcakes from the party that believes guns are like cars.

This is a transparent effort to suppress and disenfranchise your constitutional suffrage for fear

– Trinity (@TrinityResists) May 27, 2020

Voting is a constitutional right.

Eating fancy cupcakes is a luxury

There’s a big difference, Kellyanne

But you already knew that.

– Andrew Weinstein (@Weinsteinlaw) May 27, 2020

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