George Conway Muses if Giuliani Was Dropped ‘On His Head’ and Warns He is ‘Going to Go By means of Some Issues’

Conservative lawyer George Conway warns former Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani that he may “go through some things”.

“The words quoted,” he explains in a recently published statement by the Washington Post, “come from the allegedly” perfect “phone call between the former president and the Ukrainian president and describe what could happen to the American ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch there.”

One of those “things” Giuliani might go through is “possibly charged with a crime”.

Giuliani’s home and office were raided by the government last week, and Conway says, “The investigation marks another step in Giuliani’s unimaginable crash. The once respected former federal attorney, New York Mayor (“America’s Mayor”!), Presidential candidate and possible cabinet election, is reduced to a mockery: the star of the sequel “Borat”, headliner of a press conference at four o’clock Seasons Total Landscaping and now a defendant in a $ 1.3 billion libel case for alleging the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez founded an election software company that stole the presidency from Trump. “

He also calls Giuliani a dealer of “crazy electoral fraud claims” and says he has “firmly established himself as one of the worst lawyers in the world. He’s the sucker who blurted out on national television that his client, Individual-1, reimbursed a $ 130,000 payment to a porn star, a transaction that sparked an extensive and ongoing New York grand jury investigation into Trump’s general business affairs triggered. “

“All of this confuses anyone who has followed Giuliani’s long career. It’s like someone dropped him on his head. “

Conway offers Giuliani and Trump some free advice:

“If Giuliani has anything to offer prosecutors to save themselves, it would have to be Trump, the only bigger fish left. And it was arguably criminal for the then president to have used his official powers to compel foreign officials to support his re-election campaign. In fact, Giuliani’s admission that he is not engaged in foreign policy, just helping Trump personally is exactly what the system would prosecute. The ex-husband may want to reconsider how Giuliani gets stiff on those bills. “

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