Fox & Pals ‘Tone Deaf’ Hosts Scorched for Ignoring Racism in Meghan and Harry Story

Fox & Friends hosts discussed Monday morning Oprah’s bombshell interview with the Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle and the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry by ignoring the heartbreaking allegations of racism, the exposure of mental health problems and the deep emotion of pain that the couple experienced due to the British monarchy.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade attacked the couple, saying, “It’s kind of interesting that they don’t want to be in the spotlight, that they want their lives back, but they do James Cordens show, they do Oprah, and they have this big podcast- Deal and Netflix Deal. “

But it was co-host Ainsley Earhardt who managed to reduce everything to money.

“I’m just saying if I had a lock and the jewels and a crown, I wouldn’t go! I wouldn’t go! “

Ainsley Earhardt, who says she saw the Meghan & Harry interview, says, “If I had a lock and the jewels and a crown, I wouldn’t go! I wouldn’t go “

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) March 8, 2021

On social media, many were angry at the “deaf and dumb” demeanor and “white privilege” exhibited by the co-hosts.

A white board about the mental health of a black woman … deaf deaf to what Meghan and Harry said about racism. Boulevard Christmas party in the palace. Ask Andrew if this is a conflict or if there is preferential treatment.

– Tony Pan (@tpyow) March 8, 2021

TFW You completely miss the point in a conversation and accidentally reveal how empty and flat your life is.

– KathleenFrances @ (@ Kathlee71013772) March 8, 2021

Why privilege doesn’t understand what it means to be on the receiving end of racism. All you can think of is money and a bloody lock.

– #BHM (@ify_o_ma) March 8, 2021

It’s actually the same group of people. The same ones who belong to a certain party in America also downplay racism, they are the ones who represented that side. No surprises at all.

– Sody (@SodyHalliday) March 8, 2021

The reality is you are not allowed to go. To see your friends. To do what you want. You only live for gigs. A lonely life in bondage in an empty castle. Earnhardt is a typical conservative who believes that all joy and happiness consists in having things.

– MJ Norgaard (@RepublicOfMark) March 8, 2021

“I got my ideas about certain ways of life from children’s films and In Touch magazine, and nothing as trivial as the actual testimony of someone who has lived this life is going to change my mind!”

– Wasp (@waspuppet) March 8, 2021

How many ways can fox be racist? They manage to show how racist they are every day!

– Julie Lininger (@JulieLininger) March 8, 2021

Coming: the White Privilege Power Hour

– Dorsey Mc- Get vaccinated, wear a mask💉😷 (@ Baby50s) March 8, 2021


One woman thought about suicide and FOX
yukking it up.

Damn it, FOX is gross.

– 🌼💛 (@FlagGirlUSA) March 8, 2021

She doesn’t get it, mental health is so much more important 😩🙏🏾

– M Lino (@monebyrd) March 8, 2021

Proof whites don’t know what racism is. Now stop telling us what it is.

– Ladies Clegg (@ YoungAmbition76) March 8, 2021

Could it be flatter?

– Debra (@ DebraDee57) March 8, 2021

How well know about her.

– Ms. Apotheker @ (@arianejustine) March 8, 2021

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