Fox Information Host Destroys Marsha Blackburn’s ‘Blue State Bailout’ Lie

Fox News host Eric Shawn challenged Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Sunday after she claimed the COVID-19 relief bill was delayed because Democrats “wanted people to suffer”.

“The Democrats didn’t want timely relief before the election,” Blackburn told Shawn in an interview with Fox News. “They wanted people to suffer and Nancy Pelosi explained why. She said because they felt it would help them win the election. “

Shawn interrupted: “Do you think it’s really fair to say that the Democrats wanted people to suffer? I mean, they don’t want people to suffer. “

“You delayed relief when people said we needed relief urgently,” argued Blackburn. “They delayed small business money when small businesses said we need another round of PPP. That was a decision they made. “

Blackburn insisted that only 9% of the latest relief bill is related to COVID-19, a claim Politifact has classified as “half true”.

“Whether you’re saying it’s fair or not, it’s a measure you took,” continued the Tennessee Republican. “And it’s an admission they made. I find it really unfortunate that they chose to do this. “

Although Blackburn voted against the recent COVID-19 bill, she argued that people “need help urgently”.

“But do you really have to save the blue states that have mismanaged their funds and pensions?” she quipped.

“But you also know,” said Shawn, “your state is getting $ 6 billion, Florida $ 16 billion, Texas $ 27 billion.” So red countries also get a lot of money. “

“It is immoral to keep going into debt with our children and grandchildren,” said Blackburn. “It is selfish not to sit down and find out so we don’t add to debt. There are all kinds of good things that money can do, but we have to keep in mind that the federal government only has money that the taxpayer sends them. “

“Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money,” she added. “And to continue to say that you will pick winners and losers with federal funds that are tax dollars is completely inappropriate and must stop.”

Check out the video below from Fox News.

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