four Ex-Officers Might Quickly Face Federal Civil Rights Violation Costs In George Floyd’s Demise – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Former Minneapolis police officers on the George Floyd case may soon be bringing federal criminal civil rights charges. Sources tell WCCO that the indictment could come as early as next week. The penalty for a civil rights conviction could be even more severe than that faced by Derek Chauvin following his murder conviction.

A separate federal investigation continued as prosecutors and defense attorneys prepared for the six and a half week trial held in a state court of Floyd’s death.

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During the state trial, Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker, he has been questioned twice by the federal prosecutor’s office.

Sources say that in addition to the Floyd case, the federal grand jury is considering whether Chauvin could bring charges against the federal government in a second case.

The grand jury heard evidence of an incident in September 2017 involving a 14-year-old boy in which Chauvin allegedly left his knee on the boy’s back for 17 minutes.

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The sentence under federal law can be life in prison.

“What it basically boils down to is that someone who is acting under the color of the law is a cop and is using excessive force and depriving someone of their civil rights. It is your civil right to live and he had specific intent to violate. Under the law you can be found guilty, ”said attorney Joe Tamburino.

The state case usually plays out first, and if there are federal civil rights lawsuits, they come later. In this case, federal civil rights suits are expected before the hearing for the other three officials in the state court on August 23. In the state case, the three former officials pleaded guilty to supporting and facilitating second-degree murder and manslaughter.

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If the government brings charges, it will mean a separate federal trial against Chauvin and the other officials.

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