FMLA and medical go away transfer to Origami Danger system April 5 | Vanderbilt Information

Starting April 5, Vanderbilt’s procedure for reporting FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and other medical vacations will be migrated to the new origami risk system. Currently, if an employee is in need of medical leave, they must complete the online medical leave application form. With the new system, employees will continue to follow the same process, but the appearance will be slightly different. Some improvements include the following:

  • Reduced employee information – The new system provides an employee search function that retrieves the employee’s Oracle information (address, department, manager, etc.) so that this information is no longer needed as part of the form.
  • Branching logic – Only questions that are relevant to the employee’s request are displayed. This creates a shorter form to fill out.
  • Improved workflow – In this way, the FMLA team can process vacation requests faster and more efficiently and enable improved communication and options in the future.
  • Case management – Using Origami Risk enables all documents, emails and messages to be kept in one place for more efficient management of any vacation event.
  • Improved reporting

All current links for the system will be updated on April 5th. If you have bookmarked the current medical leave request form, you will need to update your bookmark in the future.

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