Floyd family, civil rights leaders maintain prayer vigil throughout closing arguments in Chauvin trial

“Dear God, we come, we approach you from different ways of worship. We approach you by believing in different religions. We know that you have all power and if we submit to your will you will give us justice “We watched the blood flow. We suffered family pain,” Sharpton said.

George Floyd’s daughter Gianna was also at the press conference on Monday along with other family members.

“We are, we believe, at a reflection point where this country has to come to terms with those who feel that blue uniforms put them above the law. We are fighting to make blue jeans and blue uniforms both the law subject, “Sharpton prayed. “And you make George Floyd a symbol for that.”

Sharpton was joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson and family lawyer Ben Crump, as well as local activists.

“A whole global group of activists, freedom fighters and young people who believe we can be better than this, America,” said Crump. “And we agree when we have this global prayer for justice.”

Crump and Sharpton determined that Daunte Wright’s funeral will also be held in Minneapolis this week.

“That’s why this trial is so important, because the police died less than a year later in this city,” said Sharpton. “So we’re doing this global prayer because it didn’t stop with George Floyd, but because many of us, whether in Congress or on the streets, have continued this struggle and we will continue the struggle.”

Several lawmakers also attended the press conference, including Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Black Caucus Chairman of Congress, Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio.

“In the words of George Floyd’s daughter,” My father will change the world, “said Beatty.” And that judgment changes the world. “

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