Feds Arrest Two MAGA Insurrectionists for Assault on Capitol Police Officer Sicknick, Who Died

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough compared the US Capitol uprising to Adolf Hitler’s order to destroy German infrastructure despite the end of World War II.

The Morning Joe host has made comparisons to Donald Trump and the Nazi autocrat, but these usually focus on Hitler’s rise to power, but said the former president’s actions after losing the November 3rd election affected him crazy rulers reminded of the end phases of others.

“The worst part of it is what happened while the attacks were going on for two hours and the president had allies asking him to retrieve the terrorists and asking him to stop the attack on the United States Capitol,” Scarborough said. “But he had turned his mob on the Capitol because he knew he was losing power, he knew it was over. He knew the end would come in 14 days. “

Scarborough said evidence presented at Trump’s second impeachment showed the former president turned against the country he had sworn to protect.

“Anyone reading history can’t help but look back and ask which leaders actually went against their own countries, ended up devastating their own countries, and you have to go straight to the Nero Decree,” Scarborough said . “So few made it. Hitler, in March 1945, when Hitler ordered his generals, out of spite, to turn their weapons on Germany for not doing as well as he should have done in the war to destroy railways and factories. But Donald Trump got his mob on something that is far more valuable to us than railroad tracks or factories. He turned his mob against the seat of government – the first branch, the United States Congress. “

“There are no parallels in American history,” he added. “No president has turned a mob against the United States government. Outside of Hitler, I can’t think of too many other leaders in history who turned their mobs or their troops against their own government when it was evident that they were removed from power. “

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